In any school environment it is important that students take part in some activities apart from just reading.These activities should preferably be of someone’s own interest and likeness.The impact of recreation on personal health cannot be overlooked. It boosts good behavior since all games demand discipline among the players.

Physical exercise helps to maintain body fitness and health and above all, it is a form of entertainment just like music and movies.Participation in games is time well spent and more importantly a body well cared for.It is due to this realization that Kisii School offers a very diverse and intense athletics program featuring over 10 sports.

Kisii School offers a great range of sporting activities for the students recreation. All the activities are co-ordinated by various teams which have team heads and captains. The teams also have team teachers who help in organization of the students and have the responsibility of taking the teams for external functions.The performance of the teams is relatively good.