Governance has been key to success of the institution. And with expectation from stakeholders comes great responsibility and need to verify performance. Kisii School is a National Public School and it receives a large amount of public money from the government. The Board of Governors (B.O.G.) and the Parent Teachers Association (P.T.A.) oversee smooth running of the institution. Daily routine business of the school is headed by the Office of the Principal.

ACADEMIC BOARD: The Academic Board consists of the Director of Studies who also chairs the Board meetings and two Deputy Directors. The Academic Board ensures curriculum implementation and all evaluation programmes in the school run smoothly.

DISCIPLINARY BOARD: The Disciplinary committee chaired by the deputy principal comprises one senior teacher and house masters. This team consisting of committed teachers who act as a link between the school and parents on discipline issues

GUIDANCE AND COUNCELING: This is a key department in fostering the school’s goals and mandate as illustrated in our motto; ‘strive for excellence’.

BOARDING: The Boarding Department at Kisii School is mandated to ensure all students are accorded comfortable and safe accommodation for a conducive learning environment. High standards are maintained in line with the Ministry of Education’s guidelines.

STAFF WELFARE: Kisii School teachers’ welfare is run and managed by teachers to cater for their social and personal needs. Every teacher at Kisii School has an obligation to be a member of the welfare and participate actively in its programmes. The teacher's welfare helps in boosting teachers’ morale by creating conducive environment thus improving efficiency.

CLASS TEACHERS: Class teachers are very important people in the school set up because they are the first people to know students progress both socially and academicaly.