As an Academic Director, I occupy a unique place in the continuum of academic administrators, as the facilitating link among Department Heads, department members, staff, students, and the school leadership. All activities and roles of the Director are undertaken in light of furthering the best interests of the students of Kisii School


The director of studies has 2 Deputy Directors assisting in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the office. These include carrying out on behalf of the Principal: -

1. Secretary to Heads of Department meetings
2. Implementing the School Academic and Curriculum Programs
3. Servicing the staff with the Examination Councils information
4. Ensuring the integrity of examinations and examination processes are upheld by all teachers and students- internal and external.
5. To guide, interview pupils and parents on matters relating to Curriculum and the Examinations.
6. Preparation of internal examination timetable
7. To co-ordinate the organization and development of all assessment procedures and methods of recording pupils’ development attainment.
8. Monitoring of curriculum implementation
9. Regular audit of syllabus coverage in all subjects
10. Programs to enhance timely coverage and proper content delivery
11. To complete on behalf of the Principal returns dealing with the school curriculum and the examinations.
12. Keep all records on students’ academic progress and initiates programs aimed at value added progress for all students.
13. Chairing the Academic Board
14. Organize programs for academic day every term
15. Guiding and counseling students on academic matters
16. Motivation of students and teachers
- Academic awards at class-level
- Organize prize giving events
- Academic trip for students
- Teachers motivational excursions after KCSE results
- Academic benchmarking trips
17. Teaching the subject of specialization

The Director of Studies shall is assisted by 2 deputy directors and Secretary

1. Alfred Ongoro

2. Vane Mirega

3. Joyce Kemuma