Our school is a public school, therefore it operates on a budget that is shared between parents/guardians and the government.

The role of government is;
1. Pay salaries to all members of the teaching staff within the constraints of national budgetary allocation to the Teachers’ Service Commission. Our school is fortunate that all its teaching staff fall within this category except for a few every so often.

2. Give grants for development projects every so often. This assistance is not guaranteed and many times it does not reach the school.

3. Support the payment of school fees for every student through the Free Day Secondary Education programme by paying approximately sh 10,265 per student annually. This will soon be revised upwards.

4. The school management has kept focused on providing quality education as defined in the school mission.

Quality education is a very expensive undertaking. The school management has involved the parents’ representative very closely in the budget making process so as to ascertain the rationale of its annual budget proposals and ensure full support from the financiers.

It is the commitment of the school management to ensure that the school books are audited annually by the Ministry of Education. The annual audit reports have been very positive.

While the annual fees requirement is reasonable and affordable to about 80% of all parents it is a challenge to;

1. About 10% who can manage only partly

2. About 10% who cannot manage at all and some of whom bring their sons to school without even the personal basic needs

The school management pursues a policy aimed at never allowing any of our students to drop out of school because of failure to pay school fees. In pursuit of the policy on school fees payment, the success of the school is based on;

1. Encouraging the parents or guardians who are able to pay the school fees to do so in time.

2. Working out a reasonable schedule for parents who may not pay fees at a go so as to give them an opportunity to spread out this challenge over a longer period.

3. Facilitating the efforts from individuals or organizations who are supporting the education of some of our students.

4. Seeking support for the education of some of our students who come from needy families.

We are very fulfilled that this policy has worked successfully and needs to be enhanced

The Department of Fees and Bursary was established to;

1. Manage the fees payment schedule in consultation of with the class teachers.

2. Coordinate the communication with individuals or organizations which are supporting the fees payments of some of our students.

3. Highlight the plight of identified students who come from disadvantaged families with the aim of attracting support for their education In the short term, we continue to seek support from individuals or organizations to enable us continue to make the quality education offered in our institution to be accessible to all deserving students.